Maximise ROI by integrating SAP R/3 and Excel / Access
Maximise ROI by integrating SAP R/3 and Excel / Access

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Click on EzyPlan to find out how to rapidly and simply integrate SAP plan, budgeting and financial data.
Click on EzyActuals to learn about improving your retrieval and upload of journal and transactional SAP data.

Get any job done faster with EzySolutions for SAP.

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EzySolutions offers an innovative business software solution that streamlines the tasks of information retrieval and reporting on your SAP R/3 database. Without learning new software, you can speed your database management, reduce your reporting cycles, and get any job done faster using all or just part of our EzySolutions integrated software suite.

With EzySolutions products, you don't have to know SAP R/3 to

  • load and manage business data with just a few clicks on your Excel spreadsheet, and
  • receive real-time reports displayed in Word, Access, Excel, PDF, HTML or any ODBC compliant format.

Our Mission : Increased value = increased ROI

EzySolutions for SAP is a proprietary software package whose mission is to simplify your SAP R/3 data management tasks. From only one user interface, the well-known, intuitive program Excel, you can access your SAP R/3 database in real time. Upload your information directly from an Excel spreadsheet and download reports in a format you can use. EzySolutions offers enhanced flexibility, speed, and ease of use to increase your productivity.

EzySolutions Integrated Suite of Products:

  • EzyPlan - For rapid, simple integration of Excel with SAP R/3 planning, budgeting, and financial data
  • EzyActuals - For uploading and retrieving journal and transactional SAP R/3 data into Excel

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Maximise ROI by integrating SAP R/3 and Excel / Access